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4 posts published in January 2018

ISM-Houston - CPSD Module 2: Essentials In Supplier Diversity - Study Review

Posted:January 1, 2018 | Tags: Relationships, Diversity, Supplier, Road-map

ISM’s Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity® (CPSD™) certification program is one of the few that exists for this growing and much-needed specialization. Many companies engage in supplier diversity to be socially responsible or to meet customer or federal requirements, but don’t understand its true profit potential. As a CPSD, you’ll be the guiding hand with the knowledge and training to show an organization how supplier diversity can improve the bottom line and accelerate innovation...

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Millennials and Baby Boomers

Posted:January 4, 2018 | Tags: Video, Millennials, Baby Boomers

My first video! Hope you like it.

Millennials and Baby Boomers

Embrace the Moment

Posted:January 4, 2018 | Tags: Internet of Things, Moment


Get ready for 2018! Look for and get ready for change. We should not remain static. We need to embrace the moment.

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Developing Differentiated Negotiation Strategies

Posted:January 5, 2018 | Tags: Negotiation, Strategies

Developing Differentiated Negotiation Strategies
With much talk of buyers negotiating aggressively, we explain how buyers can adopt appropriate negotiating behaviour, by developing differentiated negotiation strategies.

When reading articles such as this one in Forbes, you would think that buyers don’t have the knowledge or the tools to negotiate more strategically. But what does it mean to negotiate strategically?

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Developing Differentiated...

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