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3 posts published in May 2016

What's Your Story?

Posted:May 6, 2016 | Tags: Story; Purpose; Reboot

Storytelling is a very old human skill that gives us an evolutionary advantage. ~ Margaret Atwood

Maybe "rebooting" our lives is not just about starting something entirely new. Maybe it's about returning to our core passions, to what makes us tick, to what we have always valued. My "reboot" feels a lot like coming home. ~ Amy Newmark

I really never though about it this way. Seems like we all get overloaded with the pressures of life. I have often felt like the bear in the arcade when I am...

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Posted:May 6, 2016 | Tags: Hooked; Edged tools

"Have a care! You can't play with edged tools forever without cutting those dainty hands." ~ Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

To use the imagery of Sherlock Holmes, our poor choices are like edged tools. We may be able to dabble with them for a time without experiencing the agonizing consequences, but eventually we will cut our hands, and the scars will be long lasting. ~ Trisha White Priebe

"Can a man a man scoop a flame into his lap and not have his clothes catch on fire?"

Proverbs 6:27 NLT

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The Law of E.F. Hutton: The Evolution of Leadership

Posted:May 30, 2016 | Tags: Types, Leadership

Few muscles in a body weld more power than the little one inside the mouth. The Bible says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit” (Proverbs 18:21). Leaders who understand this greatly increase their influence.

Our understanding of leadership has evolved over the last five or six decades. The way people expect leaders to lead has changed. Many have said our culture has witnessed four styles of leadership since 1950:

1. The Military...

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